The Product You Never Knew You Needed

The first non-intrusive, reusable and universal orthotic

We built a product that outlasts our competitors and works in any shoe no matter the size

Soul Insole’s flexible design works with your shoes, not against them!

The Soul Insole is an arch booster & can be added to a full length insole or placed into any shoe.

The biomechanically designed shape of the Soul Insole effectively redistributes pressure evenly across the foot to relieve pressure from the heel and forefoot. The soft support helps to train your foot to strengthen its natural arch without causing the foot to become reliant on support.

It utilizes the existing structure of the shoe to increase support to your arch. As it is flexible, it will feel different in a shoe that has no support vs. a shoe that already has some arch support.

Why Soul Insole is the last orthotic you’ll ever need to buy.

Made of advanced technology gel material, it’s anti-shock, high elasticity, hypo-allergenic, bacterial resistant, non-toxic, odorless, soft, flexible, maintains shape and has a long life expectancy

Did we mention it washes back to its normal state?

Run your Soul Insoles underwater and their stickiness returns like brand new.

Great For:
  • Athletes
  • Any person who works on their feet
  • People experiencing any type of foot, leg, or back pains
Advantages Over other Insoles:
  • Does not crowd your feet
  • Works in any shoe
  • Easy to clean
How it Can Help:
  • Prevents over-pronation
  • Supports flat feet and high arches
  • Relieves pressure from the heel and forefoot
  • Creates better posture, alignment, and balance
Unique Soles:
  • Form to any shoe
  • Washable
  • Long Lasting

How To Place Soul Insole Into Shoes & Sandals

The Shoe Bubble

Small Size, Many Benefits

The Soul Insole Shoe Bubble is a small, flexible orthotic insert that makes a BIG difference in the way your shoes feel!  It relieves pressure from your heel and forefoot in EVERY shoe, without changing the fit.

  • Adds Support & offloads pressure for all-day COMFORT!
  • Use for both high arches and flat feet alike
  • Stays firmly in place, yet can move from shoe to shoe
  • Promotes good balance and alignment for all day
  • Save hundreds & have support in the shoes you actually wear

Specifications & Sizes

Women:4.5-7.5 / Youth:3-6 / EU:34.5-38
Women:8-11 / Men:7-10.5 / EU:39-43.5
Women:12+ / Men:11+ / EU:44+

Do you have Plantar Fasciits? Heel Pain? Neuroma? Heel Spur? Over Pronation?

The Shoe Bubble drops off before the forefoot and heel to somewhat suspend the bones, offload pressure and redistribute that pressure more evenly across the foot.  It also has medial, lateral and transverse arch support!

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Simple Protection & Comfort

This minimalist orthotic softly raises your arch up to proper alignment, while forming to your feet like a custom insole. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on orthotics that only fit into your bulky tennis shoes, you can now enjoy increased support, balance, and comfort in all the shoes you like to wear.

Washable & Reusable

If and when these insoles happen to get covered in dirt on your outdoor adventure, simply wash clean with water, the adhesive regenerates!


I put it in my favorite pair of day shoes that I wore to work every day. The Soul Insole provided critical arch support that immediately reduced my pain levels. Overtime my standing posture shifted and the pain subsided. The Soul Insole was a big part of my recovery and I would recommend it!

Steve-SantiniEngineer and Athlete

I've been suffering from pain in my arch for a few years now. I've tried all sorts of insoles, but they either didn't help much, or they were too bulky to fit into anything but sports shoes. And then came Laina... She gave me do-it-yourself instructions, and bang - ever since, the shoes in which I plugged the insoles in became my favorite.

Yael-BirkSales Professional

My plantar fasciitis is pretty much done and I’m doing better! Thanks for your help! I would like to get two more of the arch supports

Bob GunnHappily Retired

I truly thank you so much! They feel Great! Also, I can't thank you enough for helping my sister-in-law with her bad ankle. She's pain free, first time in 41/2 years

Becky KozakRetired Restaurant Owner and Travel Tour Guide

I was born with flat feet and I never realized how that affected my alignment posture, It's amazing how the Soul Insole trained my foot to stand and walk correctly and what a huge difference that's made for me!

Monique MichaudMother, Sales Professional

Ian Duncan

MD, Orthopedic Surgeon – Visalia, CA

The orthotics work great- I’d love to have some in all my shoes- have recently bought several pairs of PowerStep full length orthotics, but it’s a nuisance to have to switch out the existing orthotics, and these often crowd the toe box. When all you need is Arch supports, your creation is so much easier and more useful/comfortable. I’ve been dealing with some tib ant tendonitis for 6 months and for the first time don’t feel it now. Really easy to put in and comfy, thx!

Peter Moncado D.C.

Chiropractor – San Diego, CA

I absolutely love them. They’re very good for supporting the small bones called the tarsals and also helping with biomechanics and the Kinetic chain cycle.

I would strongly recommend trying a pair!

Valerie Hanson

Restaurant Supplies Account Manager – Newport Beach, CA

I have been wearing the Soul Insole for a little over 3 years now and can’t say enough about it! I work as a Business Development Specialist and part of my job is to walk around conventions all day and prospect for new clients. Before my feet would hurt like crazy at the end of the day, but ever since I started wearing this product I feel much more able to walk around without having to constantly stop and sit because my feet are hurting. This gives me great support for my arches! Highly recommended!


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These insoles are amazing

I have had plantar fasciitis for a number of years. I had a knee replacement and what was found was that because the arthritis I had was so bad it caused me to walk wrong and indirectly caused the plantar fasciitis that made my life a misery. I tried everything, insoles, socks, steroid injections and nothing worked. I saw a Facebook advert for these and thought let’s give it a go. Within 2 days the pain had gone. I can walk, I can wear slippers at home without the insoles, I have no pain. I cannot praise these enough they have changed my life. Thank you.

by Rivkah Shoshana on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
THANK YOU for saving my aching foot!

I am one HAPPY Soul Insole user. Got my first pair and seen a night and day difference FOR THE BETTER! I've been suffering with Plantar Fasciitis for MONTHS now and tried several different inserts, doctor help and even wearing an awkward "night boot". Then I discovered Soul Insole and it's literally been an overnight improving situation! Yesterday was the first day I played Pickleball (with my Soul Insoles in my shoes!) and the first time in MONTHS that I had NO PAIN after playing! THANK YOU for saving my aching foot!

After dealing with plantar and heel pain for months being in pain after 8 hour work shifts on my feet and not being able to run I am so glad I finally found something that is helping my feet feel better! I ran today for the first time in months!! Thank you! Strongly recommend these to anyone struggling to recover from PF

These inserts have greatly helped my feet and are a wonderful product. Thank you for providing a quality product that works.

Hey everyone at soul insole! I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new insoles! I have been having trouble with lower back pain and sore feet. I’m an OR nurse and am on my feet for long hours. Within a few days of wearing the insoles I noticed that i was no longer experiencing lower back pain and my feet felt so much better too! I absolutely love the insoles and will be ordering more ASAP! Love that I can wear them in pretty much every shoe I own too! Sincerely, Gail

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Soul Insole designs, develops and manufactures technologies and solutions for for all feet –  for everyday use – for all sports.

Working in a holistic way with leading professionals in Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Sport and Footwear Companies whom have complementary expertise, Soul Insole works to improve health and well being for everyone. By providing solutions to professionals and specialist retailers, they can provide better comfort for all of their customers, patients and athletes in a wide variety of footwear.