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Article: Tips and Gear for Running Safely

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Tips and Gear for Running Safely

When picking an exercise, running tends to be a top choice due to its many benefits and simplicity. Running strengthens cardiovascular health and improves joint function, and the only equipment most people need to buy for it is a pair of decent running shoes. However, assuming that running requires little to no preparation is wrong. Every year, around 50% of runners incur physical injuries that inhibit them from running. The Houston Methodist Hospital states that some of the most common reasons behind these are overuse, muscle stress, and improper footwear.

Consequently, observing proper running techniques and wearing the correct gear is essential to prevent painful accidents and optimize your performance. This article will give tips and recommendations, so keep reading to know more.

Safety Tips for Runners

Use the proper running technique

Pay close attention to your form for safety, especially regarding your running foot strike. This means the part of the foot you land on when your run. Forefront runners land on the part of the foot near the toes, which can be good for sprinting but is unhealthy for the Achilles tendon in the long run. Recreational runners should use a heel-strike running pattern, which exercises the calves and the quads more.

Improve your foot musculature

Many runners are unaware that their foot shape can actually determine their running potential, as people with longer toes are more likely to become better runners. However, people who don’t have this quality still have the potential to improve by doing foot exercises. By doing practices such as toe curls and toe extensions, runners have the chance to strengthen their foot musculature.

Don’t overtrain

The desire to get better at running is understandable, but it should still be done gradually. New runners are prone to overtraining injuries when they try to go beyond their current skill level. This puts too much stress on the body and can strain the ligaments or the tendons, resulting in injury. It’s best to go slowly yet consistently to upgrade your running skill level.

Must-Have Running Equipment

Protective eyewear

A survey from the site IronmanHacks determined that most runners prefer running in the morning. Although a great way to start the day, it, unfortunately, increases the risk of ultraviolet (UV) exposure to runners and their eyes. These harmful rays from the sun can impair the eyes and obstruct vision, affecting their running performance. Runners can prevent this by wearing polarized sunglasses. This will provide enhanced clarity and vision protection for running at any time of the day. Additionally, the polarized coating will reduce the appearance of glares, which can be a safety risk for runners. Therefore, wearing sunglasses can provide safety and improve your running performance.

Shoe insoles

Although running shoes are designed for performance, they don’t always have the necessary features to accommodate your comfort. Orthotic soles are the best solution to this problem, as they can make any shoe fit you better. They offer support without crowding the shoe, resulting in sustained relief and protection. Orthotic soles are recommended for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, or heel pain. These insoles are a great way to protect your feet and guarantee your comfort throughout your runs.

Running belt

With running involving plenty of movement, many runners struggle to find ways to bring their essential items with them. These can include IDs, activity trackers, and phones which are crucial should an accident happen. A reliable accessory that can help with this is a running belt. Running belts secure your valuable items close to your body without letting them hinder your running performance. This is because they’re designed to be lightweight yet durable. Use a running belt for an added safety feature that doesn’t sacrifice your performance.

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