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works for Morton's Neuroma

Yes I am delighted with the support these give.I have three pairs of light summer sandals I chanced buying as they had a soft sole. They looked like they would support the Metatarsal which causes my Morton's Neuroma....... WRONG!Sick of not being able to wear nice shoes/sandals with this very painful condition I am now delighted that after a few weeks of wearing Sole Insole I can confirm no pain when wearing my nice sandals and looking forward to my Holiday

by Dwight Albrecht on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
Pillows under my arch

I love them. Fighting plantar fasciitis For over a year these insoles are like having 2 pillows under my arch. I feel aligned. Thank you so much, can’t express enough the ability to walk with no heel pain. I’ll order more in the future and I’m getting a pair for my wife.

by Becks Rossiter on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
my saviors!

About a year back, I suddenly developed PF in one foot ..a nightmare, as I often work a 12hr day on my feet! I was only months away from a big, active overseas trip to Sth America which included Machu Picchu & dreaded not being able to walk for long periods. After a little research I found Sole Insole. I ordered online only to receive them within 4days from the States to UK - amazing service. I cannot imagine life without them.. combined with physio, the pain is manageable or often not noticeable. They are my saviors, always with me!!Thanks Sole Insole... Can't rate you highly enough

The Best!

I have tried many different types of insoles, both inexpensive and some of the pricier ones. These are by far the best I've ever had. They manage to give you the perfect amount of arch support. I'm on my feet at least 8 hours a day and they keep my feet happy. Also the fact that they are able to fit into all types of shoes and are easy to wash and reuse is incredible! 🙂

by Marilyn Wybacz on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

I bought a pair of them and love them but my husband has a bad foot so he tried them so I have just ordered another 3 pair, that’s how good they are.  They help my flat feet, I can now go walking without having to rest my feet, love them xxx

Bought some of these a while ago have not looked back since they are a God send.

I bought these to see if they work. Yes they do. In fact I’m ordering more

Bought a pair last week, can already feel an improvement

by Marie Jaskula Gasinski on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

I was sceptical about spending the money, but desperate for relief. Fallen arches & acheeles tendon. Received them Saturday. Started using them Saturday night. Took me a long time to find out where to place them in my crocks. Success. But I then experienced terrible pain in my knees while walking. I endured. The very next day I put my crocks on and the knee & foot pain was completely gone. Yes, my foot pain is gone. I believe my body was put of alignment and using the insole put it back, temporarily causing my knees pain. These insoles are better than any cortisone shots.n With proper exercise & these fabulous and inoles I no longer walk like I am handicapped. No more heel pain. I can not quite believe this myself. But it is true. I have relief. I feel young again. I LOVE THEM. I believe these would help anyone that stands A lot also. Please try them. Just remember, it was difficult, time consuming & frustrating to figure out where to place them for best results. BUT once I did... they were fabulous. They will be an extra extention to my feet for the rest of my life. Thank you ever so much for these insoles. I have tried many. Go for it.

Life changing insoles

I have tried numerous insoles but these have changed my life. I had issues with plantar fasciitis and I have used them for about 2 months now and my plantar fasciitis is almost completely gone. I hated not being able to wear most of my shoes with my insoles but now I can wear every pair I own and they support my high arches. I wanted to thank you for creating these.

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