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Soul Insole Ratings and Reviews
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by Katherine Prejean on Soul Insole Ratings and Reviews
Finally, relief!

I have had Morton’s Neuroma pain for almost a decade, and now have Plantar Faciiitis in the same foot. The bubble insole is the only product I have found to give me any relief from both! Just placed an order for the metatarsal pad to try. Thanks for these products!

by Heidi Hofelich on Soul Insole Ratings and Reviews

I’ve had Plantar fasciitis from time to time over the past couple years. I bought a pair of shoes recently and after wearing them for two days I also started developing inflammation on my Achilles’ tendon from lack of support on my arch and metartarsal AND my P.F. started coming back. I bought these for my shoes on my wedding day, and I peeled them out of those shoes and put them onto my other new flats that were causing me pain. Problem solved! I didn’t have to throw my new shoes away after all, I can wear them in all of my other flat shoes now too. These sole insoles are the best way to keep your body supported and keep the shoes in your closet!

by richard berger on Soul Insole Ratings and Reviews

I have been using this product for a few years. It is the best designed, made, and implemented heel wedge I have tried; I've tried just about all of them. I now have sets in every shoe I own. Furthermore, their customer service is fantastic too; kind and responsive!


by Ariana Gallapy on Soul Insole Ratings and Reviews

I have been wearing these heel wedges by this brand for over 2 years and I'm amazed at how well they have held up. Still basically like new! I've moved them so many times from one shoe to another, but at this point I really like to have them in all my shoes so I have a few pairs and don't have to move them quite as often. I'm a supinator, so these things really make a difference for me in my feet and hips so that I walk better and don't feel achy at the end of the day. Can't recommend these enough!!!


by Aaron on Soul Insole Ratings and Reviews

I had been suffering from lower back pain during my runs for a while. A friend suggested that I try this product. It has made an immediate difference in the way that I feel during and after my runs. I really like the material that the product is made of. It strikes a great balance between comfortable and supportive. It also feels very strong and sturdy. I think next I will start using in other pairs of shoes that I use for normal daily use. So far so great. I would definitely recommend this product!

by Chicago60624 on Soul Insole Ratings and Reviews

Discovered that Suplination can cause knees to be out of balance and not move smoothely. Bought this product and it helped immensely. Too bad the Drs did not tell me to straighten out my foot so the knees would glide better.


by Susan Taups on Soul Insole Ratings and Reviews

These insoles are the best! I rarely write reviews, but these have really made a difference in my life and I want to share about them. I always had high arches, but later in life, it seemed my arches had started to fall, at some point a couple years ago I had plantar fasciitis. It was excruciating. I feel like I bought so many different things and nothing worked. These were the only insoles that had enough support for me and took the pressure off my heels where it hurt the most. I'm so happy that I've healed up now and I can go about my day without painful feet. I have 3 pairs of these insoles that I keep in the shoes I move most and just move them around occasionally. Sometimes they get dirty and they don't stay in place as well, but that's when I know to wash them off, once they dry, they're nice and sticky again. I remember it took a little while to get used to the way that they feel, but after a couple weeks my feet had adjusted and stopped hurting. Even though I'm better now, I keep wearing these Shoe Bubbles because I never want to go through Plantar Fasciitis ever again. Thanks for an amazing product!

by DB on Soul Insole Ratings and Reviews

There is no way to adequately describe how much this product saved my life as a daily walking fanatic! I walk at least 7 miles a day, both for exercise and sanity. Believe me when I say, if I don’t walk, ain’t nobody happy, especially me! I was having terrible foot pain and had tried everything, to no avail. It was brutal. Then, I discovered these little gel inserts and it was like a miracle took place!! Instant support and relief! This may sound totally freakish but when I bought my second pair, I actually kissed them before I put them in my shoes!!! Yes!!!! It is total love! Now they go with me everywhere, and life is good!

by Hotshotmom13 on Soul Insole Ratings and Reviews

These are comfortable and they stay in place


by Lainey on Soul Insole Ratings and Reviews

Fit perfect

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