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These insoles are amazing

I have had plantar fasciitis for a number of years. I had a knee replacement and what was found was that because the arthritis I had was so bad it caused me to walk wrong and indirectly caused the plantar fasciitis that made my life a misery. I tried everything, insoles, socks, steroid injections and nothing worked. I saw a Facebook advert for these and thought let’s give it a go. Within 2 days the pain had gone. I can walk, I can wear slippers at home without the insoles, I have no pain. I cannot praise these enough they have changed my life. Thank you.

by Rivkah Shoshana on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
THANK YOU for saving my aching foot!

I am one HAPPY Soul Insole user. Got my first pair and seen a night and day difference FOR THE BETTER! I've been suffering with Plantar Fasciitis for MONTHS now and tried several different inserts, doctor help and even wearing an awkward "night boot". Then I discovered Soul Insole and it's literally been an overnight improving situation! Yesterday was the first day I played Pickleball (with my Soul Insoles in my shoes!) and the first time in MONTHS that I had NO PAIN after playing! THANK YOU for saving my aching foot!

After dealing with plantar and heel pain for months being in pain after 8 hour work shifts on my feet and not being able to run I am so glad I finally found something that is helping my feet feel better! I ran today for the first time in months!! Thank you! Strongly recommend these to anyone struggling to recover from PF

These inserts have greatly helped my feet and are a wonderful product. Thank you for providing a quality product that works.

Hey everyone at soul insole! I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new insoles! I have been having trouble with lower back pain and sore feet. I’m an OR nurse and am on my feet for long hours. Within a few days of wearing the insoles I noticed that i was no longer experiencing lower back pain and my feet felt so much better too! I absolutely love the insoles and will be ordering more ASAP! Love that I can wear them in pretty much every shoe I own too! Sincerely, Gail

by Michelle Tyrrell on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

Recived mine today only took just over a week to come must say on 1st impression well impressed after trying so many different orthotics and cheap uncomfortable hospital ones these are brilliant going to buy another pair so pleased with them

by Jeanette Summers on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

I got mine last week and can't believe the difference they make. Thank you so much, my foot is almost pain free from plantar fasciitis for the first time in weeks. Delighted!

Good morning, Firstly... Thank you.I suffer from flat feet, I am quite active with running, gym work and playing golf as such my flat feet create sooo many aches and pains. I use the slimflex simple 3/4 high density when ever I wear trainers or golf shoes. However to pay for all of these leisure activities I work as an accountant and spend 40-60 hours a week wearing formal shoes. I have never been able to wear any sort of foot support as they make the shoes too tight and my heal sits too high in the shoe making them unbearably painful.I purchased a pair of these after some general googling and though i'd give them a go. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. They fit very comfortably in any and all of my work shoes and do not alter the overall fit of the shoe. They provide good support and reduce all pain from my feet, ankles, knee and hip.These are issues only people with flat feet encounter and people with good arches never understand the pain a journey flat footed people go through.OK so on to the downside... These are not available to purchase in the UK. Do you have any plans for a UK supplier of these that I can purchase them from reducing the overall cost (ie shipping)? I would more than likely build up a stock of these so I can leave a pair in all of my formal shoes.Please feel free to email back.Again thank you for this invention and innovation.

by -Thanks, Michael Quinn, St. Louis, M on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

Hi - I ordered two pair of your insoles several months ago -- one pair in large and one pair in medium. I never got around to wearing either pair until l finally I tried using the mediums when my plantar fasciitis problem came back. Amazingly, they eliminated the problem I was having almost overnight. I absolutely love them. Wear them every day to work.I am so relieved to have found these after spending literally thousands of dollars in orthotics of all shapes, sizes and types over the last 25 years. And none of them work as well as yours. They are the best!

by Lindsey Nicholls on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

These are pain since wearing them, plantar fasciitis relief.

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