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by Shelley Woodroffe in Bournemouth, United Kingdom on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
feet and knees finally pain free!!!

Thank you so much for your help. My life has been transformed by these inserts from one of daily pain in feet and knees to one that is pain free. If it wasn't MY feet and knees I would say such a difference in pain levels couldn't possibly happen. Thankfully it is me I'm talking about. I'm sometimes out walking my two dogs and I suddenly realise I'm not in any pain - it's great. Thanks so much for all your help.

by CAROLE LAVENTHOL on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
Erased the pain in my poor old feet!

After years of walking in pain from abusing my feet in high heels, and succumbing to the stiff toes, and nerve-clogged feet, after chemo therapy, I finally found something that has erased the pain in my poor old feet! Actually, my Podiatrist, Dr. Karen Anderson of El Cajon, and La Jolla, found this simple remedy for me. After years of making expensive customorthotics, and buying shoes one size too large, so I could stuff them with padding and whatever I could find to ease the pain on the balls of my feet, Dr. Anderson actually took some special foamand cut pads to support my “fallen” arches. They were great, but the foam rubber doesn’t last long. It is also difficult to change from shoe to shoe. I was still miserable.Suddenly, I get an e mail from this intelligent and caring doctor, Karen Anderson: "Carole, I found something that I believe will work to relieve the pain in your feet". She sent me a link to I could not wait to order. I saw where this San Diego company was selling their Soul Insole, Bubble insoles. I drove to the nearest store, and purchased these small soft and stable arch supports immediately. I have never had them out of my shoes since! I am like a new woman. No pain at all in my feet, now that I have these perfect inserts!I am happy to tell you, they work!Sincerly and with renewed energy for walking,Carole

by Trisha Herlihy on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

Can't recommend this product enough!!!!! Excellent!

by Justine Bethel on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

Omg! Wearing mine right now after a long hike! No foot pain!!! This is after years of serious pain from my collapsed arches. Miracles!

by Shirley Jardine on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
best things I have ever bought!!

These are the best things I have ever bought.from day one of getting them last week I have felt tremendous benefits for my PF , I've already ordered more.

by Judy Woods in Wood River, Illinois on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
Feeling good so far!

Day 2 wearing my Soul Insoles. So far has been very good. I would recommend and look forward to wearing cute shoes again

by Sherrie J Steele on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
really helped! and affordable!

I ordered these, they really helped! Much more affordable than custom orthotics!

by Denise Morse‎ on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
I LOVE Soul Insoles!!!

I LOVE Soul Insoles! I bought a pair before we went on vacation to use in my sandals and they're amazing. They are so comfortable and the fact that you can move them from one shoe/sandal to another is awesome. I ordered 2 more pair the day before yesterday and they're already here! Fantastic product and service! I will be telling all my friends about Soul Insole!

by Christine Steed Viehland on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
Thankful to have found what works for me

I bought these at my local specialty shoe store. First item that helped me walk in public with less pain IN MY OWN SANDALS. That and a special stretch I happened upon on YouTube. So many items purchased, thankful to have found what works for me.

by Connie Johnson in Williston, Florida on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
Support for my sandals YES!

I love mine – for the first time I am able to put an insole in my sandals!

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