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I love them so much that I am buying additional pairs for every pair of shoes that I wear in order to not have to swap them out. These really work!

perfect insole

I have been wearing arch supports for 10 years and these are so far the best I have ever used. Not bulky like most because you don't have a full or 3/4 insole to wear. You just place these where your arch is in the shoe and off you go. They have a sticky side which keeps them in place. So far I am loving them. I just ordered a second pair.

by Kim Schiavone Williams on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews


by Jan Vander Zee on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

I am in Melbourne and I have purchased from this company..Great service and I am happy with my purchases.😃

by Karen S Shuler PT, DPT on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

I really hope you are marketing to physical therapists. I am amazed at the results we are getting from your product. I had a client today entered with a waddle flexed forward gait pattern w/ excessive External rotation at hips bilaterally. We used the shoe bubble and immediately he stands tall and walks heel toe with increased step length. We then trained on our alterg treadmill and he stands tall and reduces his hand support without cuing. This all happened within 30 min. of placing the shoe bubble in his shoe. I have been a physical therapist for 27 years. I am amazed at what this product is doing for my clients.

heel pain and morton neuroma pain

Yes, these help. Take time to find the right spot in your shoes, be aware it may be slightly different in different shoes I got the medium for women and it’s perfect in my closed shoes but I intend to order smaller for my thong sandals. My heel pain and Morton neuroma pain were both significantly improved with wearing the first time I recommend these inserts.

I don't typically write reviews -- good or bad. But this product is a game changer, so I wanted to share my experience with all of my fellow Plantar Fasciitis sufferers If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis and have tried every stretching exercise and every shoe insert on the market with no relief-- you should try these!I had always been an active, energetic person, but my Plantar Fasciitis pain reached a point where it took the joy out of everything and was forcing me into a sedentary lifestyle. I stopped doing activities in my free time. I had to work up the nerve to take the first step out of bed every morning; had to hold back from moaning in pain every time I had to get up from my desk at my full time job; and was just about to quit my part time job because I could no longer tolerate all of the walking and being on my feet for 5-9 hours per shift. But, I decided I would try one more solution before giving my notice.Through luck of the draw Soul Insole was the one more solution I picked. The day they arrived my heel pain was almost unbearable. I put them in my shoes and got instant relief! But I figured the real test would be wearing them for a week -- including on my 16 hour days when I am sitting at my desk for 8 hours, followed by being on my feet for 8 hours.Well experiment complete. With these insoles in my shoes (athletic shoes, dress shoes and sandals) my feet are so happy. Most of the time my relief is 100% -- and even after long days and long hours on my feet my level of pain has gone from a 9 to a 1 or 2 at the most (on a scale of 10) . After a few days of using them I noticed that even my first step out of bed in the morning seemed less painful.They take the pressure off of my heels without making my shoes tight and they don't get smelly like other inserts. They can easily be moved from shoe to shoe. Just rinse them thoroughly when you take then out of your shoes, lay them out to dry (adhesive side up) for a few minutes and the adhesive regains its stickiness, so you can use them over and over in any shoe.I just bought a another pair -- just in case I lose or damage one of my inserts. I don't ever want to be without them again. If you're suffering from Plantar Fasciitis you should seriously consider giving these a try.

by Christina Waigand on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

Getting older things start to crumble n break down. Dealing with plantar fasciitis is so painful. Hurts to walk, stand or anything on my feet. Just found my new best friend!! Ya'll these are amazing!! I don't even have trouble with my hip or knee when I am walking now. SoulInSole THANK YOU!! Best thing about these is I not only can use them in my boots and tennis shoes BUT flip flops as well.

My feet are cured!

They are totally wonderful. I had unbearable planta fasciitis nothing helped and then I found soul insole. My feet are cured but I still wear them not taking any chances.

I am so happy. I can wear my pretty shoes again. The insoles don’t slide and they are so comfortable but supportive. Thanks

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