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Incredible Product

THESE ARE THE BEST INVESTMENT I HAVE MADE IN YEARS!! I have had custom orthotics since the 1960’s. I have very narrow and thin feet and now have accumulated over 10 pairs of custom orthotics. After I had Tarsal Tunnel Surgery last year I was in need of some kind of orthotic that was softer and could be moved to “just the right spot”. None of my many orthotics fit well and they hurt my one foot causing irritation of my plantar fascia. I was on the look out for something better. And I found it. Thank you Soul Insole. I bought the “bubble” and the metatarsal pads and have used them for 4 days. The first night I didn’t want to take my shoes off they felt so good. Now I need to buy multiple pairs and add them to all my shoes. Thank you for bringing this break through technology to people. My feet are very thankful!

Miracle product

If I could give this product a million stars I would!! I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for almost a year and today has been the first day I have been almost pain free. Granted, I'm writing this review after using this product for only a day I don't doubt that it will continue to work for me and relieve my heel pain. If it continues to work as well as it did today I will volunteer to be their spokesperson, lol.

by Diana Dixson-Havens on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

These are ABSOLUTELY life saving....had suffered for 3-5 years, bought many insoles just to have to return them because they didn’t do what they said they’d do THEN here came Soul Insoles....the very BEST Ever for my feet❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I have tried it all, and this is the best!

I have had PF for the better part of a year. It comes and goes, sometimes I barely notice the heel pain, other times it's like there is a blowtorch to my foot. If you have it, you know. I have tried SO MANY different supports/insoles, I shudder to think of the money I have spent on stuff that didn't work.The various copper-infused socks.The elastic-looking things.Vionic insoles.Vionic shoes.Dr. Scholl's (several types, including the one that you step on the machine and it tells you).Other clear gel arches.Some hard, full length orthotics.Heel cups.Leather arch supports.Etc, etc.THESE are my FAVORITE. They are the ones I return to when my feet hurt a lot and I need the extra support (I have totally flat feet).Not gonna lie, I wish they were cheaper so I could buy them for every pair of shoes. I think we've all bought the "6 pair for $10" arches before! These are deceptive in how simple they look and how well they work. I basically live in sandals all year (hot feet), and I love that these are both clear and small, as well as adhesive. In fact, maybe because I haven't removed them for 6 months (no loss of support or anything at all), these things are STUCK in my shoe. I mean that in a good way; they aren't slipping around the sandal, sweaty feet and dirt haven't interfered in their performance. I could probably peel these out when I eventually get rid of the shoes, but they are not going to just slip out from shoe to shoe. Those suckers are in there! Hence my need to either become their new spokesperson for free inserts (*hint, hint*) or buy a couple now and then over time. They are still less than most of the other ones I tried and work the best.Fyi, I wear a woman's size 9 1/2W, flat arches, and the medium is perfect.I wish the company paid me to say this! Alas, I need to go purchase a few more.

Very soft, breaking them in slowly. Good price, not 65.00 like the other ones

I have been wearing your insoles (and giving them as gifts) for several years and I am thrilled with them. Such relief! 1

Awesome Product, Awesome Customer Service!

Arch support is quite phenomenal with the bubble. I was getting pain throughout both of my feet, then that stopped as soon as I started using the bubble. I even ordered a 2nd pair, but due to issues with the international shipping it back to be cancelled. Nevertheless the support was amazing and helped make the process incredibly painless. Kudos to the customer service.

comfortable and adjustable

I've tried a number of orthotic inserts (superfeet, custom, other) and haven't been happy. They all were uncomfortable or caused more plantar fasciitis pain. These with their heel inserts are comfortable and adjustable. I use these in shoes that don't have much arch support.

by Sheryl O'Grady on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

I lOVE these. They actually help my left foot have much less pain after a long day on my feet. (I have plantar faciitis in my left foot)

Thank you for the insoles they work wonders.

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