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Article: Spread Your Toes!

spread your toes

Spread Your Toes!

Improve Foot Function

Spreading our toes is something most of us don’t do very often.

Can you spread your toes as easily as you can spread your fingers? Can you move your toes independently as you wish? Or do they have a “life of their own”? Meaning: when attempting to move your big toe, all the other toes move too…

If your toes have life of their own, you are not alone. 

We want to let you know that practice can really make a big change.  There are people out there who can use their toes like fingers. They can eat, paint, write…

Most of us cannot do that because we don’t use our toes, we cram them into slim shaped shoes and over time we lose function and control over them. 

Your feet and their intrinsic muscles (muscles inside the foot) are more important than you may think. Fully functioning feet have a positive effect on the alignment and balance of the entire body. If the feet don’t move correctly, other muscles and tendons may need to compensate and over time these systems can get overused and even injured.

It is extremely important to take good care of your feet and exercise the intrinsic muscles regularly. 

Make your Feet Healthy With Exercise

Here is a great foot exercise video:

A few simple exercises that will benefit your feet tremendously.

  • Toe Lifts
  • Toe spreading
  • Foot circles, Point and Flex
  • Pick marbles or other small objects up with your toes

 Make Your Feet Healthy Without Exercise

There are also other ways that you can help your feet become more functional and these ways are fun. They are quite passive. You don’t need to do too much.


You relax. You walk. Either Way, You Benefit.

Soul Insole Toes Spacers are simple tools that you put on your toes while chilling on the sofa, or working at the desk. Easily slide them on and then you can passively enjoy the “work” that the gel stretchers do for you. Over time, you will find your toes become more functional and your feet feel better.

In addition to improving balance, stability and gait, these soft, flexible spacers help to strengthen the muscles in the feet. They help to align the toes, eliminate bunions and crooked toes while promoting improved circulation by reducing toe nerve and blood vessel impingement.  Properly spacing the toes can also help improve the arch of the feet and protect against a variety of common foot ailments including plantar fasciitis.  Soul Insole Toe Spacers are washable and reusable. They are made of a specialized silicone gel that is long lasting, bacterial resistant, odorless and super comfortable.  They also have a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee, so you can feel free to give them a try and see if these spacers are right for you.


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